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No audio through Ceres C3.5 BT monitors

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asked Aug 4, 2017 in Ceres BT by palladinojt (520 points)
I have a pair of Ceres 3.5 BT monitors that I've had for over a year now.  About a week ago I suddenly started having audio dropouts, to the point where the audio is "dropped-out" more than it's in.  I've troubleshot the sound card, cables, etc, and have definitely narrowed the problem down to the speakers themselves (have tested multiple audio sources through the speakers and gotten the same result).  What I don't understand is the intermittent nature of the problem - if I put on music and hit play, I might have silence for a minute or two, then audio will come on for 2-3 seconds, then drop out again, then come back, then drop out again, etc, etc.  By the way, this is all during WIRED use, not Bluetooth.  Could it potentially be the on-board fuse in the powered box?  Any suggestions?

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answered Aug 14, 2017 by AlexTinsley (911,850 points)
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There's a power saving function that's built into the speaker when the volume drops too low for an extended period of time (10 to 30 seconds or so), the speaker will go into sleep mode. Sending it a louder signal or material that is louder will wake it out of power conserve mode. This was a feature required to be sold in the European Union in the consumer market.