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Why does my mic only become 'active' when individual gain knob is turned to max?

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asked Aug 12, 2017 in AudioBox USB by katelovig (150 points)
Hey guys please help! I just purchased a Presonus AudioBox iOne and an NT1-A Rode mic. I have 2 inputs (mic and guitar) but am only using the mic input (input 1). My problem is I only receive sound from the mic when the individual gain knob on the Presonus is turned WAY up - basically to the maximum level which is all the way clockwise. Anything below this and it's as though someone just pressed the off switch. The green light stops flickering and it instantly cuts out. I'm sure this isn't meant to be how it works and there should be a gradual increase of volume as I turn the knob from left to right but this isn't the case. Any suggestions appreciated.

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answered Aug 22, 2017 by butchrichard (131,360 points)
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Test with a different mic cable.  Test with a different mic.  Test you mic with other preamp.

If the level dial must be increased to near maximum for any audio regardless of cable or microphone, assume your AudioBox is faulty and have it exchanged.

If you cannot exchange, contact PreSonus for repairs.
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answered Oct 21, 2017 by amadeumagalhaes (140 points)
edited Dec 15, 2017 by amadeumagalhaes
I have a similar problem, mic gain level is not smooth and at some point it  suddenly distorts.
Sent it back and after almost two  months they sent me another one, exactly same problem.
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answered Mar 15, 2018 by andrewtaylor4 (140 points)
I'm getting the exact same issue. I have to turn the input gain up to 90% (9th tick out of 10) to get a reasonable level. If I turn it down half a tick or more (85-80%), it's a very drastic change. I wouldn't think it would require 90% power to get a reasonable level. Seems very odd to me. This is with multiple mic cables. I don't have another NT1-A to test. Given that it's happening to several of us with different iTwos, different cables, and different NT1-A's, I dare say it's an issue inherent to the iTwo.
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answered Feb 21, 2019 by (140 points)
This is not a problem, It is definitely normal because some microphones are low sensivity and gain must be on 100%. I have one Rode M3 with Audiobox iOne and gain must be on 100% .
If you test these type of Microphone with every sound card the result will be same.
The sound cards designed for working with a wide range of sensitivity then for low sensitivity is normal that you must set maximum gain.

Don't worry your device is perfect, enjoy!

Good lock!