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TAB key to switch text entry field

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asked Aug 29, 2017 in Studio One Feature Requests by lukemoellman (760 points)
You should be able to use the TAB key to go between text fields to quickly enter text.

For example, if renaming several tracks, you should be able to double-click to rename, then hit TAB to confirm text entry and proceed to the following track. As of now, TAB will select the next track name but will not accept/save the previous text entry.

This goes for any UI element with multiple text fields (for example, Add Device under External Devices -- the Manufacturer and Device Name fields should be able to be tabbed between)

This is a pretty basic feature that already exists in Pro Tools and Logic.

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answered Sep 7, 2017 by LMike (14,670 points)
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Tabbing through text fields regressed in Studio One 3.5.1.   That will be corrected in the next release.
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answered Sep 6, 2017 by lukenyman (1,700 points)
I agree.wholeheartedly. This was a feature I used all the time. I believe that it has changed since v3.5. I've been struggling ever since with filling multiple name on tracks, channels, and in the mastering page too.

Now I have to press enter, then grab the mouse to focus on the next field, then double click to open that up, where as I could just hitting tab.

It was simple, but such a time saver.

Please bring it back.