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TAB Notation without rhythm - Free Form TAB entry

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asked Dec 10, 2018 in Notion Feature Requests by craigtambascio (530 points)

How about a free form TAB setting/staff for quick notation without rhythm? It would be great for teaching lessons, notating scales, patterns, etc. Adding rhythm notation is slower and sometimes not needed. I would love notation for TAB if there was a way to just enter tabs numbers quickly. With rhythms it can be cumbersome to enter TAB. Trying to eliminate step 2 (Taken from the Notion User Guide 13.3) 
You can directly Enter notes into a Tab staff. 
Text Box Method 
You specify a fret number after you place the note on a string. 
1. Ensure you are in Edit mode. 
2. Place a note or rest value (such as quarter note or eighth rest) on your Music Cursor either from clicking your choice 
in the Entry Palette or by pressing a keyboard shortcut. 
3. Go to the place in the score where you need a note and position the Music Cursor over the correct Tab line (string). 
4. Click your mouse or press Enter. 
ยป Notion creates a temporary text box at this location with a default fret number of zero 
(an open string), as in the illustration to the right. 
5. In the text box type a fret number for a note on this string and press Enter.

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