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SPDIF L and R Channels popping really badly!? Firestudio project

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asked Sep 9, 2017 in FireStudio Series by khaliljames (250 points)

thanks for the very thorough answer @butchrichard ! so I'm going down your list and I'm at the point of testing what we'd call my 'FS2' or my second fire studio unit. All channels send out audio, but I'm getting a NASTY LOUD popping/ticking/click thing, it's horrible. It's coming from channels 9 and 10, which are the left and right SPDIF channels. Even with the 'power button' off for the channels, they're still giving me that dreadful pop. What could that be?

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answered Sep 11, 2017 by butchrichard (131,290 points)
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Well SPDIF is a digital signal and Clock Source is important.  It will also depend on what device you connect by SPDIF.

In Universal Control, try changing the Clock Source to External SPDIF.