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Getting popping using SPDIF for extra channels

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asked Dec 3, 2019 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by davidabel (160 points)
Hi I have a studio 68 /Studio One artist and wanted to add two extra channels for recording via SPDIF.  So I purchased a DBX 386 and the right cables and am able to monitor/record on SPDIF in Left/Right but the recordings have these very annoying pops/clicks regardless of recording level.  I have done some research and it seems I may need to sync the master clock/word clock to the DBX but how do I do that?  Do I need another piece of hardware to make this happen?

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answered Dec 3, 2019 by travisfunk (920 points)
selected Dec 3, 2019 by davidabel
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The Presonus Studio 6|8 does not have workclock connections. Typically this would mean using the S/PDIF output to clock your dbx 386... but alas, the 386 does not have S/PDIF input. This means you'll need to make the 386 the master clock. In Universal Control, choose the clock source as S/PDIF and your pops and clicks should subside.