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How to Monitor EzDrummer 2 in Studio One 3

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asked Sep 18, 2017 in Studio One 3 by davidstiner (150 points)
edited Sep 18, 2017 by davidstiner
I have Studio One 3 Artist with the VST/Rewire add-on. I also have EzDrummer 2 and it works fine as standalone software. But when I open S13 and drag EzDrummer to an empty track, midi stops working. I am using Alexis Nitro module to trigger EzDrummer with no issues until I try to use it with S13. My goal is to play the electronic drums with an EzDrummer kit and monitor in S13 while laying down a drum track. I can't get the Alesisi Nitro to trigger anything in EzDrummer 2 while in S13 although standalone EzD2 works fine. I'm beginning to think this is impossible. One other thing, EzDrummer will trigger with the mouse while in S13. But not with electronic drums. In standalone, I see MIDI light up in EzDrummer. Not after dragging EzDrummer to a track though.

ASUS Sabertooth X99

Windows 10 64 Bit

Studio One 3 with latest updates

Steinberg UR22MKII 2 Channel USB

16 Gig Mem

I'm brand new to EzDrummer and Studio so go easy on me.

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answered Sep 19, 2017 by brianmeisner1 (193,360 points)
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Here are the instructions from Toontrack's web site.

For step 1, that option is now set under Studio One>Options>Advanced>Console.  The rest of the steps should still apply to Studio One version 3.  

Here is a video from Obedia on the topic: