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Compression with Studio 68 Interface before it hits DAW?

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asked Sep 18, 2017 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by plaidgadjo (120 points)

Hello, I own Studio One Producer am interested in purchasing a Studio 68 Interface. I would like to use compression while recording before it hits the DAW (to have a good/level initial volume going in). Is it possible to do this with a plugin compressor... after the preamp on the interface, yet before it goes out to the DAW- like an insert? Or, is the only way to do this is to use an outboard hardware compressor? Thank you for your time! - Brandon

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answered Oct 2, 2017 by donaldbaarns (9,780 points)
I'm late to this party.

You can add inserts on any input channel you wish, before it is recorded.

I think it's always a best practice to do it afterward, but you can add any effect you want on the Input channels in the Mix Panel.

If you ever do too much, there is no turning back, but you can do whatever you wish, with the Studio 68 or any other interface you choose. Studio One has supported that at least since V2, but I highly recommend you update to V3 when you can.

I had v2 Producer, and v3 is such a great workflow improvement, it's worth it. (Wait for the sales if you must... move as soon as you can!)