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Can't send to mix outs on RML16AI with Studio One 3

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asked Sep 23, 2017 in Ai Mixers by Lawry (210 points)

I really hope someone can help me out here. I have a CS18AI that I use with an RML16AI into Studio One 3. My problem is that I can't work out how to send cue mixes to the mix outputs on the RML16AI. In fact, I can't even see the outputs in Studio One 3.  I can set up sub-outs in the I/O config and see signal on the associated meter but how do I get it to a physical output? Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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answered Sep 27, 2017 by Michael Martin (87,630 points)
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Mix outputs are not accessible from Software. All StudioLive mixers operate in this fashion, as would most Live Sound Digital Mixers.

You must use your Digital Returns to get Audio back to the mixer, then route your audio using UC Surface to the Mix Bus you want. Do note that software monitoring can introduce latency depending on your Block / Buffer size set at the driver. The lower the size, the better the latency, but the higher the CPU processing. Universal Control also has a 'Safe Mode' for Block size that makes it easier to adjust.