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Cue mix should be able to be on bus and non bus at the same time

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asked May 5 in Mixing by waderue (440 points)
TL;DR we should be able to put a cue mix on a bus/fx channel as well as any track routed to a bus individually

Ok that title sounds confusing when read outloud so let me explain, to my knowledge by default when you set up cue mixes they dont show on on the buses or fx channels. so if you have an vocalist and you make a mix for them you can't get a reverb fx channel in their mix. the way around that is Pref>audio> cue mix follows mute (or something like that) and then you have cue mixes avalible on your fx channels but that gives me another issue. (outside of mute/solo problems)

say the vocalist laid 5 harmonies, and in your mix you have all the vocals tracks in to a bus named vocals. the vocalist then states they just want to hear 2 of the five harmonies and the reverb in their cans. well you cant get a cue mix on the individual vocal tracks. you can only do the bus.(of course if you mute the other tracks you can achieve this but say you needed them playing for something while you're tracking the vocalist)

the work around of course is unroute the vocal tracks from the group called vocals and then each track will have it's own cue mix. but if you already had some inserts going on the bus that then leads to a problem setting up things outside the bus

my question is why? why are these the only 2 options? why can't we put a cue mix on a routed to a bus track as well as a bus? maybe i am not understanding the reason for the limitation.

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