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Is there any way to enable cue mix on sub-busses?

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asked Aug 2, 2019 in Recording by rosscrawford (860 points)
Thanks for this answer! But it only seems to enable cue mix on busses assigned to "Main". I often use sub-busses, for example if I record multiple mics on a guitar, I will have a sub-bus for that guitar, and then output all guitars to a "Guitars" bus. I can now adjust the guitars as a group, but can't adjust individual guitar busses in the cue mix? Does that mean I have to create a separate cue bus & use pre-fader sends for that situation? It still seems to me this limits the usefulness of the cue mixes - I might as well not use them at all and just manually setup cue busses in my templates?
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answered Aug 3, 2019 by piggysm (1,260 points)

Hi, I kind know what your mean, you want adjust sub-bus seperately from guitar-bus, then both can be adjust in Cue mix. right?

in DAW, Cue seems only avaliable in Track\Bus\FX, but not in sub-bus, I dont know the theory, but its still a way to approach it,

when your signal transport to next bus, you can bulid a pre-fader send to that bus too, until it finally arrive to Cue mix. So you dont have to create seperate Bus or FX, just figure out the signal workaround.

you see, the guitar track assign to sub-bus, then to guitar-bus, then to main. but the prefader send do the same thing one way down to cue, lot of freedom to control your sub-bus value in guitar-bus.,