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Do you know of Alternative "Selection Methods"?

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asked Sep 25, 2017 in AR Hybrid USB Mixers by dalenabor (240 points)
Michael:  Thank you for your response, certainly accurate -  however, I must not have posed the question very well.  Let me try again.

If pairing to a smart phone, easy enough - launch AR12 Bluetooth, go to phone, find AR12 and hit pair.

With this transmitter: when I'm pairing to a "Bluetooth speaker" I power off the transmitter, power off the transmitter, press and hold the power button on "Bluetooth Speaker" for 8-seconds (which powers it up and then puts it into pairing mode); then I press and hold the power button on transmitter for 8-Seconds (again putting it into pairing mode) and within a few seconds the devices are talking and paired up.  Basically I'm trying to replace the "Bluetooth Speaker" with the AR-12, however the AR-12 doesn't seem capable of finding the transmitter (absent specifically selecting the AR-12 as you would with a smartphone).  

**I've got many "Bluetooth" devices that I'm able to connect as indicated above, from many manufactures (i.e JBL Bluetooth Headphones, Portable Bluetooth Speakers, Cell Phones etc....) The AR-12 is the only thing I can't pair, but I'm guessing that it is "ME" and not the PreSonus.

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answered Sep 25, 2017 by Michael Martin (78,110 points)
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BlueTooth is utilized in different ways, as per the manufacturers design and intent.

You're transmitter is designed to pair with other BT speakers. This is common among consumer based BT devices.

The AR series is not designed in this way. Again, the connecting device MUST be able to search and select the AR mixer specifically for pairing.
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answered Sep 25, 2017 by dalenabor (240 points)
Okay Thanks Michael.  I'm sure you are correct.  

I found a work around by plugging a Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver (set to Receive Mode) into the 3.5mm Super Channel, and then pairing it to an identical Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver (set to Transmit Mode).

Best Wishes and thanks again for taking the time to provide an answer.