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Sierra high 10.13 studio one 3 crash!! Help

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asked Sep 27, 2017 in Studio One 3 by monterorecords (150 points)
When i  click the app to open studio one....

Take me out of the program!!!!!

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answered Sep 27, 2017 by brianmeisner1 (161,080 points)
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You will want to remove the app from your Applications folder and download version 3.5.2 from your account.  It is under My Products>Software>Studio One 3.  If the problem persists, you will want to try removing your settings.  Here are instructions:

  1. Quit Studio One

  2. From the Finder toolbar, click Go, hold Option, and click Library

  3. Open Application Support/PreSonus Software/Studio One 3

  4. Copy the contents of the folder to a folder on your desktop for use as a backup.

  5. Delete all files and folders except for the user.license file

  6. Launch Studio One 3 and test for this issue again. If the problem still exists, please feel free to copy your settings files back over from the backup you created in step 4.

*If you are missing any Sound Sets after doing this, simply go to Documents>Studio One>Sound Sets and double-click one of the files.

If you still continue to have the issue, you will want to log into your account and click on "Support" to log a ticket.  Please copy/paste the crash report into your ticket.