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Can I load tracks from my DAW like Studio One or Capture into an existing SD Recorder session from my Series III Mixer?

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asked Oct 12, 2017 in StudioLive Series III by jspring (10,740 points)
I'd like to be able to create a session for SD Card playback on my Series III mixer, but I want to create it outside of the mixer, using something like Studio One or Capture and tracks that I have in existing projects, and then put that on the SD card so it can be played back on the mixer. Is this possible?

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answered Oct 12, 2017 by jspring (10,740 points)
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Currently, no, there is no supported way to do this.

The SD recording is primarily intended as a way to simply capture multi-track recordings of live performances without the need for a computer. Lacking things like markers (both creating and navigating), better navigation of long recordings (the jog function is limited), recording to existing sessions, creating sessions from Capture or S1 to import to SD card, etc., it's not going to be a complete replacement for recording and playback and editing like you would with a DAW like S1 or even Capture.

That said, creating a SD session outside of the mixer may be possible, with a little work and creativity. 

Again, it's 100% not supported so you're on your own, and it's a bit convoluted to do it, but it can probably be done:

If you look at what's written to the card, an SD session is a folder structure of \[Artist]\[Performance]\[Location]\ that contains a [session_name].scene file a [session_name].capture file and a folder named Audio with tracks from each armed channel on the mixer, named, and so on, where "#" is the channel and "audio(#)" is the record take on that channel per that session

So something like:,, etc.,, etc.,, etc.

So basically, you can try creating/recording a few seconds into a short session on SD (you can even lay out your channels with names and whatnot so the scene saved with the session is correct), then pop the card in your computer and replace those short recorded waves with the waves from your other session, or even new waves entirely, from a project in S1 or Capture that's never even been on SD card, as long as you're renaming the files to match the SD session you just created

When you put it back in the mixer, it should see the session, and when it goes to play the files, it will be playing the ones you added from your computer rather than the original short ones. You can even control the name of the session by editing the name of the .scene and .capture files (though you might want to do the folder names too, so as not to get confused).

You may even be able to add files for multiple "songs" or "takes, as long as the naming of the files is contiguous (i.e. audio(0).wav, audio(1).wav, audio(2).wav, and so on). You should also make sure that the files for each "song" or "take" are exactly the same length and all line up properly when played from their beginning. This might require exporting tracks from your DAW so they all have the same start point.

Like I said, it may be possible, but it's not easy, and not supported.

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answered Nov 4, 2017 by MainelySound (1,090 points)
yes, i have but i put it on a separate card so i would not get confused (though that is not necessary). you have to make them capture and save them that way then import them onto the disk. then you just play them (if you want multitrack leave them or move the tracks where you want them, but i did make a number of them just maine outs for ease of use, and relabeled them what i wanted-just single tracks off of full shows and an ongoing playlist that could be played during intermission)