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Can studiolive 32 series III do overdub tracks onto the SD card after recording initial tracks, like drums, bass?

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asked Apr 9, 2017 in StudioLive Series III by markludes (250 points)
Without running your computer with the Studio One 3 software, using only the studio live 32 series III mixer with it's internal 'Capture software - are we able to record using the SD card for a few tracks then playback and add over-dub tracks...or is the SD card recording strictly a one shot run? Bummer if that's the case. Then I guess we would have to use the laptop/studio one 3 software and bounce back and forth - without the use of the mixer's SD card...- correct?

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answered Jun 29, 2017 by Michael Martin (87,290 points)
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Not designed for over-dubbing. SD Card recording is simply a way to record multitracks from your live sessions in one shot. You're confusing this feature with dedicated multitrack recorders, which are NOT Digital Live Sound mixers.
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answered Apr 27, 2019 by jfletcher (310 points)
I'm disappointed that the studiolive desks can't overdub using the SD card. Seems an upgrade to the capture software should be considered by presonus to enable this. Zooms livetrak L12 and L20 desks can overdub on SD card so the technology is there. Would be even cooler to be able to run studio one from within the desk on the built in screen. Would beat the hell out of a Tascam DP-32SD.
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answered Jun 7, 2019 by ebowebow (270 points)
Yes, Akai figured this out with the new MPC series. No one minds gear to have the ability of interfacing to a computer.  But to have your gear to rely  on a computer for a basic function? To have the computer a requirement when you can have such a feature built in makes no sense.  As expensive as computers are and as unreliable as they are, as much as Microsoft and Apple love to change and break things, why is your hardware in bed with them like that? Good thing about having studio one baked into the mixer is you don't have to worry about candy crush notifications or all the other stupid consumer **** you have to put up with on a Mac or PC. These days these computers do too much side bar ****. So having your mixer that can replace a DAW without the need of a computer or the **** Apple and Microsoft build in is everything.  You are almost there, why stop?  Windows 10 and macOS are systems made for the average consumer in mind and that is why I prefer hardware for production.
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answered Jun 8, 2019 by wahlerstudios (104,000 points)
Capture is no DAW and never will be one, because it is INTENTIONALLY reduced to recording and some very basic editing functions, which are even more reduced for the SD recorder. It's supposed to be a simple "tape recorder". Studio One is a software running on a computer. Basically it has nothing to do with the Series III mixers. Most of S1 users do not need or want any hardware, as you can easily see in the Forum. What PreSonus is trying to do is to COMBINE software (computer) and hardware (mixer) to a certain extent and at the same time letting the hardware be fully functional as live mixer WITHOUT external software

The Akai MPC series is something totally different. PreSonus does not offer multitrack recorders.
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answered Jun 9, 2019 by ebowebow (270 points)
edited Jun 9, 2019 by ebowebow
My comment is about Studiolive users getting more out of their board in standalone. Not about what S1 users want and need.  How about taking into consideration what non S1 users want and need? There is an entire market of musician's fed up with being reliant or dependent on computers, the unreliability of the PC and the expense of a Mac, on top of the early planed obselensce of these perosnal computers. The higher spec computers that many software DAWs require are not convincing investments compared to real gear. I still have a Korg Triton from the late 90s and have had to replace or upgrade many many computers both mac and pc in the same timeframe.You can make your studio all about your computer if you want too, you can make the computer the center piece if you want.  I choose to persue a different paradigm and there is a growing group of folk on the same path. Also the Akai MPC is a sequencer, sampler and multitrack recorder.  It has many of the same functions as S1 or any other software daw application with memory limitations of course but also with better performance, less hassle, more reliable and lower latency when compared to a computer based DAW.  While the MPC has many of the same functions as a DAW including virtual instruments, it has none of the distractions like imessage, candy crush, notifications, auto updates, garbage ware and all the other hassles that take you out of your creative space. When you power up music gear it is ready to go.  Glitches, driver issues, buffer underruns, "this vst is no longer supported", cracks pops, audio artifacts, viruses, auto updates that break things, you can have all that.