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I'm getting errors during multitrack recording live to SD card (Studiolive 16 series III)

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asked Oct 14, 2017 in StudioLive Series III by jonswift (380 points)

Ive been successfully recording live shows multitrack (capture 2) to SD card (Sandisk 30 gb microSD recommended by sweet water) with out any problems until recently.  After every show I move the folder off card to my laptop. I'm arming 16 track and LR tracks.  Its been working flawlessly until last 2 shows.  During gig, I look down at the recording screen and instead of green icon its showing red with 5 or 6 errors (90 min recording).  I didn't fill card all way.  Speed test checks out.  Haven't upgraded or changed anything.  Just not sure why I'm getting the error messages recently.

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answered Oct 14, 2017 by Gembo2011 (1,240 points)
I Can't say if this will work but since you remove the recordings off the SD Card anyway...


Download and use the "SD Card Formatter" (As recommended by Presonus).

Next - Do a Full Overwrite Format of the SD Card. (Not the Quick Format)

Hopefully this will put the SD Card back into mint condition and allow for error free recording again.  Provided there is nothing wrong with the SD Card.