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Can i use wireless control with a networked CS18 and SL32RML?

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asked Oct 13, 2017 in Ai Mixers by jedilunchbox281 (270 points)
I have a SL32RML and a CS18. I normally mix from FOH with my ipad (forgoing the CS18). I have a few gigs lined up where i will need to use both. I will need to use the CS18 side stage to control monitors and the ipad FOH for the main mix. My current setup is:

SL32RML--> firewire'd to my Macbook Air (for SMAART and Capture)

SL32RML--->ethernet link to my Wi-fi router---> ipad on the W-fi router.

If i add in the CS18, do i need an ethernet switcher box with PoE, like the new SW5E? and if i add the switcher box with PoE what does that PoE provide power for? can i forgo plugging the 32RM into and actual power source?

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answered Nov 8, 2017 by mr16track (560 points)

First, POE will not power your mixer.  Adding an AVB switch will allow you to use the inputs on the CS18AI and still have a wired connection for your wireless router, and recording via AVB.

You have three choices that I know of:
1: You can hook the CS18AI to your router via an Ethernet cable, or:
2: Set up your RM32AI and CS18AI wirelessly with the wireless dongles, or:
3: Set up your RM32AI wirelessly and run an Ethernet cable from the CS18AI.  This option will still allow you to use the inputs on the CS18AI for say; talk back, stereo break music playback, and a wireless mic...

Here are some PreSonus video links:

And this setup guide:

Hope that helps!