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Is this supported in the IOS version with an ipad?

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asked Oct 15, 2017 in Notion iOS by demetriosyiannos (240 points)
Trying to understand if you can plug a real keyboard into an ipad and use the IOS version of Notion to real time transcribe what you are playing live on an actual keyboard?

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answered Oct 16, 2017 by TechSupport77 (195,950 points)
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Yes, the iOS version of Notion will allow you to connect a MIDI device to your iOS device and use it for real time MIDI entry.  When you tap the record button, there is a metronome that plays the tempo of the song that you are composing for.  When you play along with the metronome, your notation will be entered into the score.  You will want to contact the manufacturer of your MIDI device for information on connecting it to the iOS device that you are using.