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universal control smaart rta not displaying

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asked Oct 26, 2017 in Classic Mixers by bryangroce1 (120 points)
We have upgraded our SL24.4.2 with a AVB card and have it directly connected to our new RML32ai.  The SL24.4.2 is wirelessly connected to an access point (and Qmix for our in ears) which is wired to a Windows PC running the latest universal control.  When I click on EQ and click on the analysis, nothing is displayed.  Everything else in UC seems to be working great.  Just the RTA

Previously to our purchasing the AVB and RML32ai, it WAS working when we had it connected via firewire between board and PC.  Now we are networked.  Is there something else we need to activate?

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answered Oct 27, 2017 by luccrispin (1,140 points)
Hi Bryan,

To the best of my knowledge, a Smaart feature like RTA will only work if your PC is connected to the board via Firewire.