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How is the manual?

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asked Nov 15, 2015 in Studio One 3 by christianmurray (110 points)
Hi, I am learning cubase sinse 2012, I have no prior experience in DAW. So I read the manual, I don't know if it's bad translation or what, but it's a terrible experience. I like the software, but I am stuck to the forum all the time to clear out some obscure portion of the manual. It seem that only few people have read the manual,

1. I wonder how is the Studio One user manual experience is anyone read with no prior experience / intermediate experience.


2. How is the video tutorials complete compare to the manual? as experience for cubase people never make video tut that cover everything in the manual. Another reason to go directly to the manual.



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answered Nov 15, 2015 by gadget69 (30,280 points)

That, (ex\tremely poor manuals and help available) is the hallmark of many DAW's , not so with Studio one. Probably one of the BEST manuals out there IMHO, but that is only a TINY part of the Studio one experience! We have a real treasure available in Johnny Gieb, who has put up his "Home studio trainer.:

This isn't just a fanboy sight, he offers one on one training, video's seminars.... FABULOUS resource! (ya I'm his fanboy!)

There are literally HUNDREDS of youtube vids, Video's done by Presonus, a SUPER Studio one forum with a wealth of knowledgeable people there for help AND a super Knowledge base FULL of articles, tips and tricks:

The BEST thing though is, it's a streamlined, easy to use,intuitive DAW if your familiar drag and drop productivity.

you can also contact Tech support for help... try THAT with any other DAW...