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"Your Question has been hidden" WHAT???

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asked Nov 25, 2017 in Studio One 3 by justincrosby (1,900 points)
So I post a number of major bugs I experience after updating to 3.5.2 and the thread gets hidden. No profanity. No offensive or derogatory language (unless suggesting Presonus should "Get their act together" is offensive.)

Oh, and referring to it as "unusable" after it crashing 4 times in a row simply by moving a plugin to another slot. Last time I checked, if you cannot operate software without it taking your work with you it is in fact unusable.

Are you guys that insecure as a developer that "unusable" or "get you act together" is a trigger word?

I might as well say what I really think now. You guys have no business being a software developer if you can't handle some honest bug reporting. Seriously insecure software development dudes...

This comment will be hidden in 3, 2, 1....

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answered Nov 28, 2017 by Jamesrhone1 (200,320 points)
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Sorry to hear about the recent issues you have been experiencing. The following is what was sent to you on a support ticket. Please respond to the ticket for further assistiance: 

We're sorry to hear of your frustration but the Answers post as written by you was not a question that any user could answer, or even a request for help,  which is why we assume it was removed...

Just updated to 3.5.2. This is the most unstable version I've seen maybe ever. Crashed 8 or 9 times within the past hour. Most of the time just when trying to remove a plugin. 86'd a bunch of plugins on scan that worked fine previously. With buffers ranging from 512 to 2048 it's completely unstable, crazy CPU spike with minimal plugins regardless of buffer. Ridiculously unreliable... Presonus, get your act together! 
crash studio one 3.5 unstable cpu spikes 

That is not a question that users can answer, so it didn't belong there.  If you want help with an issue please describe the specific single issue in detail there and users will assist as best they can.  If you only want to blow off a little steam, we all do from time to time, maybe try the user forum. 

Right click / dropdown menus not working from mixer window. E.G. Cannot create busses, VCAs, etc issues in one post.  If you have multiple issues please make a support ticket.

We have seen third party apps like MyPoint cause that.  What you can try to see if that may be the case is to create a new user profile and see if if happens there also.  If not, that points to something on your other profile influencing it.

Crash trying to move or remove a plugins. Channel doesn't matter.

Please give us something to go on, what plugins, how they're being removed (what method) etc, etc, so we can try to recreate it.  At the very least, please hit the Report button and copy the full text of the crash report when OSX presents a crash notification so that we have something work with.

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answered Nov 28, 2017 by justincrosby (1,900 points)

I have provided you a number of question which should satisfy the Q&A requirement:

First and foremost:

Looking through the first page here I see a significant number of "statements", not questions. 

So my first question is why these remain unhidden but mine is? 

Even if I have the wrong impression, I'm left no choice but to perceive it being hidden do to it being critical after several users chimed in stating that 3.5.2 has broken their systems as well, and should be pulled from availability. (Mine included. I am investigating this with a plugin developer who's licenses were broken after installing the update.) 

Re: Forum: This is the first time I was even aware there was a forum. 

Why? Because I just discovered that the link to forums does not appear along the bottom until you're click Q&A. Considering you can't see it until you're already on Q&A the link to forums is essentially hidden. (I literally assumed Q&A was Presonu's replacement for a traditional forum.)

So even if I have the wrong understanding, that is the perception created when no notification is given that a post will be removed due to it not asking a question; and your forum link is hiding at the bottom of a 'page-within-a-page'.

If you guys are firm about rules like this then why make the forum link hard to find? (I had to scroll around for a few minutes before realizing it doesn't appear until you're taken to the Q&A page.)

It only encourages users like me to vent after an update breaks the DAW...

As far as blowing off a little steam, considering this took a few plugin licenses with it, I don't see how I couldn't. 

Bugs that take other things with it do in fact exist, and most other developers don't take it lightly. Native Instruments had the common sense to pull updates this past year that broke some systems; Vienna Ensemble removed an update this summer within a day after it was discovered the update broke mac users' entire wifi capability - literally the machine's wifi was completely taken out until a new update was issued. Within a few days it was fixed, and they were forthright and open to criticism in dealing with it. You guys should take a page out of their book... As frankly I'm already looking into Cubase after this level of negligence. And  what looks like a lack of interest in exploring comments made in the hidden thread. 

This is my job man. Then feeling like you've been shut down regardless of how real your experience is? Not a chance. The very least you can do is inform the user their answer will be removed instead of creating the perception that you're keeping the issue from public view. 

How does Presonus benefit from this? Really? 

It's unfortunate how you guys chose to handle a situation that puts me in a position where: 

A: I can't use the DAW as a number of feature are now broken. (option-click menus, key commands, removing or moving plugins to different slots. I'm sure there's more, I stopped using S One after all that.)

B: Reinstall and reauthorize plugins. 

C: Check with the developer that the issue isn't related to them. 

D: Let them know there's nothing nefarious going on by me re-authorizing them... 

And why leave an update available when several other users replied to the hidden thread stating they experienced the same or very similar issues? 

Isn't that when as a developer it's your duty to investigate the issue? Putting the burden of proof on the user is the software version of innocent before guilty. That's negligence, and I can't afford to rely on software who's developer doesn't take claims like this seriously.

All it does is create the the impression that Presonus has no interest in validating the issue, and defeating any further interest in me continuing to use Studio One.

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answered Nov 29, 2017 by justincrosby (1,900 points)
edited Nov 29, 2017 by justincrosby

Sorry dude, I'm done with Presonus.

I have work that needs to get finished and Studio One is not mature enough to get it done reliably. I don't know how you guys have the audacity to try and take on Avid as no full time professional would tolerate more than a single update the most basic features such as contextual menus remain broken. No one in the record or post industry has time to put up with that...

AM I "BLOWING OFF STEAM", (As you put it)?



I simply cannot get work done when I can't even access the most basic commands that require modifiers such as option/right-click to be accomplished. That's software 101...

If the program required to create the work doesn't function the creative process is stopped dead in its tracks. Take that as criticism if necessary. Hide the comment should you feel the need. The fact is it comes down to raw functionality, and I need to get work work done...

There isn't a program in the world where there aren't a number of commands you need to access through modifiers like right-click/option click. Virtually all software is literally broken without the use of the functions, Studio One being a member of that camp.

Whether 'too blunt' or not, Presonus needs to get their act together. As a full time composer I just don't foresee myself being tempted to work in Studio One any time soon. It's simply far too unstable, and even the most basic functionality remains broken.