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Hidden Instrument Track after audio conversion

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asked Jul 23, 2021 in Studio One 5 by timothymcgarry (190 points)

Dear Presonus Team, 

Hope you are doing well ?

I've got a question about unhiding an instrument track after an audio conversion.

Here is the point:

We have a Superior Drummer midi track ( expanded into 12 outputs ).
To save CPU usage, I've decided to convert the midi track ( and the extended outputs ) with a "right click" and transform into audio.

The problem is: 
I can see the midi tracks on the console but not anymore in the timeline ( tracks 8 to 13 ).
I can also see the gap on the tracks pannel ( 7 directly to 14 ).

Do you have any solutions to recover the midi track on the timeline ?

You can see in attachment all the pics...

Many Thanks
All the best


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