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Is there a "Show Track Only" or "Show Group Only" feature in S1?

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asked Jul 8, 2020 in Mixing by patrickr2018 (450 points)
I've been trying to find a way to show only a specific group of tracks like a drum group or vox group, so that I can work on those without having to scroll all the way over to them each time. In Pro Tools if you want to do that you START + Click on the group assignment and everything is hidden except for that group in both the arranger view and mix view. This is really handy especially when working with really large track counts. I just downloaded S1 V5 and learned that there is a way to do this but it requires several clicks. If you press ALT + Click on any dot in the arranger track list, all tracks are hidden. Then click on the dot of the folder for the group you want visible, but it only works for the arranger window. You have to also do it in the console but that requires an additional move. Alt + Click on any dot in the consoles track list for all the tracks to hide, then click on the dot of the bus of the tracks you want to work on and then right click and select "Show Related Channels". That's 5 moves to get to that point. It's crucial that we get to the track we need to work on quickly instead of having to scroll through a bunch of tracks or clicking so many times just to get to that point. I hope you guys can work on this for the next update. Thanks!

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answered Jul 9, 2020 by brionreid (2,300 points)
  • Can do...
  • I have this sample file with three instrument & two audio tracks (all hidden)
  • See in the lower left the icons
  • They show white if present but unselected (current condition), dark-blue with an asterisk if some but not all of that type are selected, and solid blue if all of that type are showing
  • I have assigned the tracks labeled Union & EZKeys to Group1
  • I select Group1 & they appear in both the mixer & track view
  • Show none, select your group, do your work, select all again
  • I use folders & find that they don't mix well with groups
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answered Feb 18, 2021 by lgbgnlhq (1,520 points)

Another way of doing this is by selecting the tracks you want to be shown then go to the track list and on the bottom you'll find the filter section, click on the three dots and click on "Show selected tracks" you could do this faster if you assign a shortcut to it.Show tracks selected only