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Is there an easy way to find some missing takes?

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asked Nov 27, 2017 in Studio One 3 by kento77 (210 points)
Recorded on Studio One 2 which has been upgraded to 3.5 recently. This is odd. I recorded several songs, live off the floor, saving each song under a new name as I went. Now, I seem to be missing takes 25 and 26.  I have everything else from 1 to 35. I load the song but it starts at a higher number take. I'm a little worried. Any help would be appreciated.

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answered Nov 27, 2017 by kento77 (210 points)
No idea where they went, but I searched the song folder for the take numbers (25) and (26) and found most of the tracks. Had to use the track length, date/time and such to narrow down the other tracks but then I just dragged and dropped the tracks into the song and Voila! Ready to do a mix. Probably get this question asked a million times on this forum...Oh well, maybe someone else can benefit from my folly.