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Is there a way to identify the name of a missing soundset file by just a missing track name?

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asked Dec 23, 2015 in Studio One 3 by (250 points)

I have a bunch of songs that reference drum loops that apparently no longer existing on my system.

I updated from Studio One Artist v1 to v2 and more recently v2 to v3.
After updating to Studio One and also performing a clean install of Windows 10.
I started getting missing drum track errors when opening existing songs.
For example the two tracks (below) are missing from one song.

"Rock Drums 001 065bpm"
"Rock Drums 002 065bpm"

I currently have the following 11 soundset files installed.

Billy Martin Grooves.soundset
Prime Selection Loops and Sounds.soundset
Studio One Expansion.soundset
Studio One Instruments Vol 1.soundset
Studio One Instruments Vol 2.soundset
Studio One Musicloops 2.soundset
Studio One Musicloops.soundset
Studio One Piano.soundset
Ueberschall Impact Drums.soundset
Voodoo One Synth.soundset

Maybe Studio One was referencing a soundset from an older version that was still installed on my machine?
Is there a way to identify the name of a missing soundset file by a missing track name?
Or maybe some old soundset is no longer loading correctly in the latest version of Studio One?
I have only used free soundset files downloaded from Presonus.

My hard drive has been wiped by the new installation of Windows 10.

Was hoping to get my old songs working again.

Thank you very much,

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answered Dec 24, 2015 by matthewgorman (51,370 points)
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It will only reference the name of the missing file as you have seen. It may or may not be content that was exclusive to a prior version. easiest way that I can see to resolve, install all the prior versions, and any content. They should put the sounds back into the default directories (if you haven't changed any install paths from default), and the songs should refind those files.
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answered Dec 29, 2015 by (250 points)
Thank you for you help.

I identified the missing file: "Studio One Loops Vol 1.soundset" (which was part of Studio One version 1)