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Will I be able to display more measures at once on an iPad pro 12.9 than I can on an iPad vs. 3 ?

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asked Dec 2, 2017 in Notion by garryeister (150 points)
Right now, I'm working on an iPad 3 using version 9.3.5. When I reduce  the size of Notion on my iPad screen, the right hand margin grows. (When I decrease the zoom level in Finale, it fills up the space on the page by moving measures up with the net effect of my being able to see more measures at once.) I am thinking of getting an iPad Pro 12.9 inch to increase the amount of music on the screen at any given time, but if I won't be able to get more music on the screen, as opposed to just seeing a bigger version of what I get now, this might not be a good strategy for me. Is there a way to spread the viewed music across the entire width of the screen, regardless the zoom level? Thanks

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answered Dec 6, 2017 by TechSupport77 (195,380 points)
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Hi Garry,

The iPad Pro will show you more of your score in Continuous View, but only a scaled version when in "Screen View" or "Print View".  You can zoom out in Screen View or Print View on the iPad Pro and it will be scaled larger than on a smaller screen.  You will more than likely want to use continuous view in landscape mode.