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Select more than one audio file at once and able to listen them in preview.

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asked Jan 15, 2018 in Editing by franckdanard (280 points)

Coming from Sonar, that was useful to select more than one audio file at once and be able to previews them before to past them in the track.
For example, if we've got 10 audio files (1 - drump, 2 -guittar ..Etc) if i select 1, 2 i should be able to hear both in the same tempo, in same time (like in Sonar).

Should be great.

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answered May 21, 2018 by AlexTinsley (827,230 points)
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answered Jan 15, 2018 by billmihalik (1,530 points)
You can solo both tracks one and two and listen to them without all the other tracks.  You can right click on an event and assign the tempo if it's not the same.  Hope that helps.
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answered Jan 15, 2018 by franckdanard (280 points)
I did not talk about tracks, but in the file list on right of Studio One. When you click on a file, this one is played.
If you select two files, only one is played as preview.
This feature is useful to combine some files in preview list and look if it's good or not.