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Does Studio 68c work with iPad Pro 12.9 and GarageBand?

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asked Mar 5, 2019 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by markusfaulhaber (130 points)

On my dealer's website the Presonus Studio 68c is described as class compliant and able to work with an iOS device and an optional USB connector. On Presonus specifications I cant see this. So, will the device work with the iPad for recordings with GarageBand? Would be really cool. This device seems to be the best audio interface for my use cases. 

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answered Mar 30, 2019 by larsmellick (190 points)
I plugged in my Studio 68 USB to my 2018 iPad Pro (with USB C) with a USB C adaptor. The source unfortunately wasn’t found by GarageBand on iOS. I don’t see why this device won’t work as the iPad is USB compliant. Hopefully PreSonus can answer this...
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answered Jul 25, 2020 by joshuafields (140 points)
edited Jul 26, 2020 by joshuafields
Yes; sort of. I tried two ways, plugged in straight via USB-C and plugged in via USB-C via the hyperdrive dongle.

Both ways, I could use two mics recording simultaneously. I didn’t test anymore than that.

Plugged in directly, it does not seem to send audio back out to the Studio 68c. Plugged in via the Hyperdrive, you can use the audio port on that. (However Hyperdrive is terrible and it has a loud hiss at all volume levels.) A workaround would be to use the USB-A into the hyperdrive and Apple’s headphone dongle into the USB-C. That gets rid of the hiss  

There may be more settings; I only poked around for a few minutes to see if it would work for you.

UPDATE: it does seem to work fully, on my second try. Both in with two condensers and out to the interface (at least to headphones). Shows option for 24bit, I’m guessing just 44.1khz. I’ll keep poking around with GarageBand, but I hate the GUI. Good for being truly portable though!