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Inserting Roland V-Combo MIDI Controller Keyboard into Studio One 3.

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asked Dec 3, 2017 in Studio One 3 by erickgalenko (180 points)
Is it possible to connect a Roland VR-09 MIDI Controller Keyboard to interact with the soft synths in Studio One? I have been scouring through many articles on this board and have performed instructions such as creating the Instrument within the Options. I have it set to Channel 1 as it is the Default I am told.  

Ideally, I would like to have the MIDI coming out of my Controller and into my Scarlet audio interface which then feeds into my PC via USB. Is this possible? I have been on the Focusrite website and was unable to find any MIDI articles there. Is this type of connection becoming obsolete? It seems that it is more difficult to connect using MIDI with the newer software. This configuration worked using an older Cakewalk Sonar.

Appreciate your help!


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answered Feb 18, 2019 by kolshak (160 points)
Perhaps better late than never. IN my opinion and I just bought a VR-09, midi is little more than an afterthought on this keyboard. I may return mine for this reason. The VR-09 is not designed to be a midi controller but it can do so as I can drive the VSTs within Studio One 2 with no problem..  Not every channel can be used to drive your VST as some channels are reserved by the vr-09 for drums and other stuff, it notes this in the manual.

But to try to help. You can't use the midi output and the usb to send midi data at the same time on the VR-09, so try running midi to your VST on the computer through 5-pin midi-in your audio interface and use the usb to connect your interface to the computer.. If you want to run multiple keyboards or you can run into your interface and then use the thru option to get to other boxes if needed. Another limitation seems to be that the lower split (if used for midi) with not send receive pitch bend and perhaps other midi data.  I'm weighing sending it back for a real midi controller, there are tons of them much cheaper than the VR-09.  There seems to be almost no help on this forum for Roland devices.