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A kind of White noise come from nowhere and I cant do anything

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asked Dec 10, 2017 in AudioBox USB by brunoferoldi (290 points)
When I start to use my Presonus 1818vsl a strange white noise appears out of nowhere and ruins my work, I'm desperate, I turn off and turn on the sound card it returns normal but only a few seconds, I'm using it with the latest drivers, an SSD disk, protools , 16gb Ram, 8 AMD black core, nya probe install drivers several times, all this started when I upgraded from the factory version that came on my sound card ... Please, I have a lot of work and I need it to work well...
I'll give an example because the noise is the same as this one I did before, the video is actually mine...

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answered Dec 11, 2017 by ulfstenstrm1 (150 points)
edited Dec 11, 2017 by ulfstenstrm1
I have the exact same problem after doing the latest updates both in Studio One, UC control AND Mac OS High Sierra.
I tried to uninstall, reinstall and even install older updates. Nothing takes care of the noise problem.

In my case everything works fine the first 2 minutes after starting up Studio One 3. Then the noise starts and gets worse and worse, until nearly no sound is left when playing a song. Every other way of using my Studio 192 Mobile soundcard is flawless when listening to other sources than from S1, so there is nothing wrong in the hardware itself or my IMac.

The noise occurs only when starting up S1. After about 2 minutes it affects the sound of other audio sources when played simultaneously, and when shutting down S1, the sound returns normal again.

Nowhere is there any information on this subject, so I wrote to Presonus support but have not been answered yet.

This is extremely annoying!