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How do I get rid of static and white noise (LOUD) coming on as soon as I turn the Phantom Power on?

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asked Feb 6, 2022 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by karlkneeland (420 points)
After 10+ support ticket have gone unanswered by PreSonus I have come here. I have been recording for 10+ years and have NEVER had an audio interface give me so many troubles. PreSonus really needs to start making better products. I am using the Quantum 2626 and my computer specs are easily 5x what I need. However, I am getting constant white noise, my lively hood has taken a back seat because PreSonus and their incompetence has caused my studio to close down until I can figure this out...

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answered Feb 7, 2022 by philangus (10,130 points)
I have the Quantum and have no such issues. You have described the issue somewhat, but what is actually causing it is anyone's guess as you have given absolutely no detail in connectivity, set up, routing etc. Also, your attitude is highly unlikely to get you anywhere.
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answered Feb 26, 2022 by cbroc (330 points)

I feel your frustration.  I received my Quantum 2626 just a few days ago and was very upset that there was a lot of static noise.

First I will explain what I tried as these are probably good to do regardless of the real solution (which I will describe).

1. Eliminate ground loops.  If you are unfamiliar with this then in simple terms it means plugging every piece of equipment being used into a single outlet or power strip.  If for example you have your computer plugged into one wall outlet and your audio interface into another and amp into another, there is potential for a ground look (a slight difference in voltage between the sockets) and this can cause static.  I tried this first and although it did not solve the problem it is good to do regardless.

2. Use a power conditioner.  After getting more frustrated, I tried using a 300 dollar Monster power conditioner that I happened to have new and never used. This also didn't solve the problem but it is a good idea to have some kind of line conditioner to reduce noise and protect equipment.

After hours of frustration, and aa feeling that I had lost a good deal of money on my purchase, I found a setting in the Universal Control software that comes with the device.  On the main page click settings and then choose options.  There is a checkbox for "Enable optimized PreSonus power plan for Thunderbolt audio streaming".  As soon as I tried this option the static disappeared.

In general the Presonus documentation for this product, Studio One 5 etc. is very poorly written and missing a lot of information. There wasn't any documentation I could find on this UC magic check box and I wasted hours upon hours trying to resolve the issue. I still don't really know what the checkbox does but it works and I can still keep my buffer size at 16 the minimum. I have a superfast and super expensive (3K) laptop with 3.5 TB of SSD, Thunderbolt 3 and a super fast multi-core processor and was really disappointed to be getting noise.

Presonus, first impressions count and yours was not a good one with this product. There are other manufacturers in case you weren't aware.

Hope this helps.
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answered Jul 19, 2023 by daleward4 (140 points)
Totally agree and sympathize. I'm also using the Quantum 2626 and I’ve had nothing but problems with it. I'm not trying to utilize Atmos,

Not long after I started using it the main output knob started giving me lots of static noises/white noise. it was really noisy. I sent it off to the repair shop… This is in Tokyo, I live in Japan. Got it back a few weeks ago and now the inputs are giving me static sound. Also it’s very difficult for me to get a decent level with the inputs - basically only use them for vocals./acoustic/mic - it almost feels like there’s a noise gate on the input and I have to turn it all the way up even push the knob in a bit to make the inputs work properly. They are not working as they should and never really have. This means the system is down and your creativity comes to a grinding halt. It’s a very frustrating unit and I would not recommend it .