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FeatureRequest: Fader Wear-leveling and failure avoidance.

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asked Dec 13, 2017 in FaderPort Series Feature Requests by darrelpinson (490 points)
Statistically, the first (leftmost) fader of a control surface gets much more use. Likewise, the leftside more than the right. As such, the longevity of the device is limited to the life of the most used fader, and would seem to represent a single point of failure.

I have two suggestion that could remedy this (OR you can tell me the feature already exists)…

1) Failure avoidance – The ability to ‘disable’ one or more faders that have become in operable, and the software and device simply skips it, as if it was not there. (e.g. a 16 channel control with a bad fader become an operational 15 channel)

2) An option to spill faders to the right-hand side of the surface, rather than the left, thus getting more even wear across the board.

I think having these features, especially, ‘failure avoidance’ feature, would up-sell many customers. e.g. a failure of a fader on an 8 fader unit represents a significant percentage of the real estate, whereas 1 of 16 not as dramatic. Likewise, the fear of losing a single fader that causes a total failure on a 32 channel board, may cause some to hesitate to spend all the money to put their eggs in one basket.

Again, if these features already exist, that would be great to hear (and give some piece of mind making the bigger purchase).

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answered Jan 17, 2018 by maxstratmann (42,690 points)
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Thank you for the feature request. 

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answered Aug 15, 2018 by jplaurendeau (590 points)
I understand the logic behind this, it makes sense but I think the better question is is the machine repairable?  If it is I see less of a need for this feature. With my mackie I actually had a second  dead unit that I had a tech steal faders out of when I needed to (had it for years, three faders went) and it was a simple procedure to change one out. Can A presonus tech replace a single fader with ease?