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FaderPort (single fader): Configure fader (and knob) to send MIDI CC

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asked Mar 7, 2018 in FaderPort Series Feature Requests by martineder (570 points)
edited Mar 7, 2018 by martineder
Can we expect the FaderPort (single fader) to allow us to assign our own CC values to the fader (and also the knob) so that it acts like a general MIDI Controller?
This would be much appreciated, then we could use the fader, for example in Cubase 9.5, for expression or for vibrato intensity or for other CCs depending on the VST library.
And the icing on the cake would be: Changes to different CC values can be done via keyboard shortcuts and the user button on the fader.

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answered Feb 26 by AlexTinsley (882,500 points)
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Thank you for the feature request. 

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answered Mar 28, 2018 by leroy749 (330 points)
I agree with this post.
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answered Apr 2, 2018 by Milton Messenger (730 points)
This would be a welcomed feature ability.
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answered Aug 18, 2018 by AlexeiKonovalov (580 points)
Yes!!!!!!!!! Need to do!
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answered Oct 31, 2018 by markkiborn (320 points)
This would be tremendously helpful. I use my Faderport single 2018 model in Reaper for mixing. I'd love to, while staying in MCU mode (Cubase/Nuendo seems to work best with Reaper), quickly switch the fader to a MIDI CC mode for automating plugin parameters. It would allow similar functionality to the "flip" feature found in Pro Tools with their controllers. Would be huge for quickly writing automation for plugin parameters. Please consider adding this! Thank you!
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answered May 7, 2019 by duncanthum (310 points)
I would also like to see this feature implemented!
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answered Jul 12, 2019 by diogobrochmann (270 points)
Please, that would be great!
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answered Aug 12, 2019 by jimmiewilliams (340 points)
reshown Aug 12, 2019 by jimmiewilliams
Please add this feature for the single Faderport.  This is the main reason I purchased this product.
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answered Sep 23, 2019 by alextorok (350 points)
This would be tremendously helpful.
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answered Jan 8 by arlansunnarborg (270 points)
edited Jan 8 by arlansunnarborg
I am, quite frankly, stunned that this basic functionality is apparently not possible. With EW Play Hollywood Orchestra virtual instruments running in Pro Tools, the Mod Wheel, CC 01, is king to shape a musical phrase. Small comfort that the reason I could not configure the single fader slider to control CC 01 appears to be not that I'm incompetent...merely that I'm too nàive and optimistic. Needless to say:  I, also, would rejoice to receive word that this functionality has been worked into a firmware update.
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answered Jan 8 by arlansunnarborg (270 points)
Just completed/edited profile. Here's hoping it is visible to the fine folks at PreSonus.
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answered Jul 9 by alanhood (170 points)
Yes, I agree with Martin, this would be great, it would make it ideal for e.g. expression in MIDI orchestration.

To be honest, I mistakenly expected it as an option, but that's my fault for not checking the spec before I bought one.
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answered Jul 19 by benreaves (9,510 points)
I've wanted extended functionality from my Faderport Classic for a long time, and being a prospective Faderport 1 customer, this would be a really useful feature to have. Beyond the Control Link facility in Studio One, this would make the Faderport 1 a MUCH more attractive tool for composers and producers, because it can be more flexible in more situations than just volume automation.

Maybe this could be extended out to being able to assign functions or additional controls to other parts of the controller as well? For instance, how there is a "User" button on the Faderport Classic, but it is not assignable, at least properly, in Studio One. I think this specific request could be the doorway to creating an entirely new way to use the Faderport 1.