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FaderPort (single fader): Configure fader (and knob) to send MIDI CC

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asked Mar 7 in FaderPort by martineder (350 points)
edited Mar 7 by martineder
Can we expect the FaderPort (single fader) to allow us to assign our own CC values to the fader (and also the knob) so that it acts like a general MIDI Controller?
This would be much appreciated, then we could use the fader, for example in Cubase 9.5, for expression or for vibrato intensity or for other CCs depending on the VST library.
And the icing on the cake would be: Changes to different CC values can be done via keyboard shortcuts and the user button on the fader.

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answered Mar 28 by leroy749 (140 points)
I agree with this post.
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answered Apr 2 by Milton Messenger (320 points)
This would be a welcomed feature ability.