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Recording wet/dry tracks with Kemper Profiler

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asked Dec 17, 2017 in Studio One 3 by garytarplee1 (440 points)
Hello all,

I have a question and I cannot for the life of me figure it out.

I have Studio One Three Professional, a FocusRite Scarlett 6i6 audio interface and a Kemper Profiler. We are getting ready to start recording our next album and I want to use the Kemper for recording. Last year, we recorded in a studio and this year we are doing most of the recording in house. I recorded a dry track and a wet track at the same time last year while recording. This year, at home, I have my Guitar into my Kemper, Kemper SPDIF out going to my interface SPDIF in and the interface USB out to my (Sweetwater) Creation Station. I load 2 mono tracks in my DAW and both tracks receive the wet signal as soon as they are armed. I then tried to mess with I/Os and that did not help or change anything. Then, I plugged my guitar into my interface, went from my interface SPDIF out to my Kemper SPDIF in, Kemper SPDIF out back to the interface SPDIF in, with the USB out to my creation station and I get nothing but a faint dry signal.

Now, if I use my plugins, such as EZ Mix or Helix Native, I can do this.

How do I achieve one track with a wet audio signal and one track with a dry audio signal and be able to record both tracks at the same time?

Also......Does each track loaded into the DAW have the capability to be routed individually? I tried this and each time I changed the I/Os (from the I/O section in the track editor), it changed both tracks I/Os.

Please help

Thank you

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answered Nov 27, 2018 by helldator (140 points)
For one dry/wet track you need to set up the spdif output from the kemper at guitar/stack and assign the sdpdif input in Studio One as two mono tracks