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I can't listen/record spdif on my STUDIO 1810C

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asked May 27, 2022 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by didierlapchin (140 points)

I 've just bought a 1810c today, to replace my focusrite 6i6.

I can't listen or record SPDIF. No sound at all.

It worked very well on the Focurite,

Here is the channel :

Guitar => Line6 Helix LT => SPDif Input of the 1810c.

I tried with clock internal and spdif; nothing work. Could you help me ?


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answered Sep 2 by guidohennecke (140 points)
The problem is not the Presonus audio interface but that it's more strict in regards to the impedance and signal voltage. AES is different to S/PDIF and the Presonus audio interface doesn't accept the signal if you just use an XLR => RCA adapter cable. But I can confirm that it works with my setup and this cable:

My setup: Guitar => Line6 Helix LT AES/EBU out => Presonus Studio 1824c S/PDIF in.

From support I gut the information that it should work with the following adapter and cable:

But I didn't test it.