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Why do I keep getting feed back when using ampire?

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asked Dec 31, 2017 in Studio One 3 by johnarmstrong3 (120 points)
I have studio one 3, and I use the steinberg ur22 audio interface. I plug my guitar directly into the interface. I turn the input gain up, and switch on the monitor function in studio one 3. I can hear the guitar at that point but it has a small bit of delay and reverb, it sounds terrible. Then when I try to use ampire it immediately just starts feeding back. I’ve tried turning things down, that didn’t work. When I switch off the monitor function, the feed back stops. Can anyone help? Do I need a new audio interface?

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answered Dec 31, 2017 by karstenvogt (3,430 points)
Hi John,

there seem to be several issues here: the delay is most likely latency (if the ampire preset has no delay in the signal path). Lower the sample buffer of your audio interface but keep an eye on the CPU meter of Studio One.

You need to use the 2nd input of your interface with the hi-z button button pressed. This one is for instruments like guitars and basses. Does the peak LED of your interface light up while playing with the hi-z button pressed? Set your input with the gain knob to about -18db (see the input level by opening the Studio One mixing console and activate the inputs on the left side).

If it clips with your gain set to 0 your guitar sends a too hot signal. You can either reduce the volume (noone wants that cause it sounds bad) or get a DI box with a -20 db pad button. Be sure the gain reduction takes place after the 2 coils within the DI box (not before, that would sound like turning down your guitar's volume knob). Another audio interface won't help here. Your local music store will help you since this is a common problem. A DI box is a very handy yet not too expensive tool. Every musician should have one (drummers aren't musicans hehehehhe).

Hope this helps. Happy new year. :)