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Ampire Gives Constant Feedback on Hi-Z inputs on UR44

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asked Feb 25, 2020 in Studio One 4 by timseet (230 points)
Hi there,

I got Studio One 4 Pro recently to do some recording on my own. I received a pleasant surprise when I heard about Ampire and have been quite excited to use it to record my guitars.

I scored a UR44 at clearance prices from a Yamaha music store yesterday to use as my audio interface since my Scarlett 8i6 went kaput on me. I plug the UR44 directly into my PC and that's about it.

Here's the issue I face when I try to use the UR44 with Studio One 4, when I activate monitoring on my lead guitar channel with either Ampire or the Pedalboard I immediately get feedback that seems to come out of nowhere. It sounds like a baby bird calling out and has a shrill and pulsing kind of ring to it.

All the drivers are installed properly for the UR44.

Once it starts it continues until I do one of three things:
1. Deactivate Ampire or reduce the master volume to a measly 3.
2.Unlink the volumes of Mic A(E.g. Shure SM57 and Mic B(Ribbon) in Ampire, so that only Mic A is activated at 50%. Both Mic A and Mic B were at 50% when they were linked.
3. Deactivate the gain pedals in the Pedalboard.

When I do this, the audio seems to return to normal.

Secondly, thinking that it might be audio from my monitors looping back through my guitar pickups, I switched to using headphones but the feedback still persisted.

Next I did the following steps:
1. Turn my guitar volume down to zero. Feedback persists
2. Turn gain knob down on the UR44 down to zero. Feedback persists despite both guitar and volume knobs turned all the way down.

Then thinking it might be a routing matter.
I tried looking at the Yamaha DSPMixFX, the virtual mixing software that came with my UR44. It is rudimentary at best and there are not many complex or hidden functions. When I open it, I see that the DAW and Master channel levels are reflecting the feedback levels in the green. Turning down either the Master or DAW channels just makes the feedback softer but it still remains.

In Studio One, I tried changing my audio device and switching it back, changing the routing options within song setup and double checked the ins and outs on respective channels. The only inserts are Ampire and Pedalboard.

Here's where I started to scratch my head. Would anyone happen to know what I can do that may address the situation? My humble thanks and any help is much appreciated.

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answered Feb 26, 2020 by AlexTinsley (924,630 points)
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Your problem may not be with our software, but with the UR44. Looking at the release notes for the last update the first item on the fixed issues list is:  

  • Fixed a problem in which noise might occur in the input/output when the ASIO buffer size was set to small value..

Make sure your device driver is up to date, that you're using the driver that was designed for that interface (not using ASIO4ALL) and that your firmware is up to date per the manufacturers recommendations. 

If you're continuing to have issues, you may need to contact Yamaha / Steinberg to make sure nothing is wrong with your unit.