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Best successor for Firestudio Mobile?

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asked Jan 2, 2018 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by Sid Zoot (150 points)

Hi Presonus community. What interface could be considered the best successor for a Firestudio Mobile? I have this one, and it started to cause some undesireble noises on input 1 and other issues, so I bought an Apogee Duet 2 but was not impressed with Apogee sound, and certainly the Firestudio Mobile's headphone output was much much better and powerful, capable of driving my DT880 250 ohms properly (I've read that Firestudio has an impressive 150 mW/Ch. @ 60Ω Load). 

So, is there any new interface with similar specs, but with faster midi and audio latency or better drivers? Looking for the usb interface to use with an a 2009 iMac, but I could not find any similar specs, but maybe I can change my actual iMac to a newer one with thunderbolt, so this could also be an option. 


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answered Mar 27, 2018 by AlexTinsley (822,490 points)
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Consider looking at the Studio Series interfaces -