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MIDI latency when playing instrument with keyboard

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asked Mar 3, 2021 in Studio One 5 by gertwildeboer (120 points)
I noticed that the midi reaction time of the virtual instruments e.g. Impact XT is very long (like 300-400 ms), It makes it almost impossible to record and monitor a track using one of the build in virtual instruments. It is not caused by block size settings in the audio preferences, I can even see the midi commands processed directly and the instrument reacting almost 1/2 a second later however when you play a note with a mouse-click the instrument reacts instantly. So the error is somewhere in the routing from the incoming midi note on signal to the virtual instrument, the signal is somehow delayed. It can be best demonstrated by playing the Impact XT instrument, when playing a note on the keyboard you can see the lighting up the pad at the same time the sound starts, so it's not a matter of audio latency, also reducing the blocksize doesn't help to solve the problem, also increasing the blocksize doesn't affect the latency time. My setup:

- Imac i5, 20 GB RAM, Studio one 5 Artist

- Nord electro 6 as "midi keyboard" using USB connection

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