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Connecting FireSudio Project via Firewire to USB Adapter / Cable

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asked Jan 4, 2018 in FireStudio Series by tonisirki (300 points)

Hi ...

I'm an owner of a second-hand PreSonus FireStudio Project ;

What I'd like to know ... if it's possible to connected this device to a Laptop, Tablet or a iPad, which do not have a Firewire port ...

I'm thinking of buying a cheap Firewire to USB adapter or a similar in cable form ...


Would this "trick" do the job ... ?

/ Toni .

3 Answers

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answered Jan 9, 2018 by glen pollard (140 points)
No, it won't. I tried exactly this to hook it up to my laptop and it doesn't work. I did Google the reason, but it was a bit technical!

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answered Apr 13, 2018 by Ken Krause (190 points)
If you can replace a USB port in your laptop with a combination USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 port you can do it then. Although you still may have to purchase some additional hardware to convert FireWire to Thunderbolt.
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answered Jun 28, 2020 by gonzalojaviermancilla (190 points)
Hi there,

Similar question as it is not absolutely clear

My laptop has this port  ASUS X509  USB-C™ 3.1
I need to buy a USB-c to thunderbolt adapter and then another cable to convert  thunderbolt to FireWire????