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Why am I loosing 3dB at main output?

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asked Jan 11 in Studio One 3 by brucebark (170 points)

I'm new to Studio One. After looking at many DAWs, I purchased Studio One and I'm moving to it from Sonar. 

Here's what I'm observing: I create a new song using the "empty song" template. I drag a -20dBfs 1k sine wave file to a track using the Studio One file browser. I then insert the Brainworx Meter plugin on the track and on the main output. on the track, the meter shows -20db as expected, but on the main it shows -23dB. Where am I loosing 3db? There are no other plugins. I expect to see -20dB at the output, not -23. Am I missing something? I tried the same thing in Sonar and in Cubase and they both show -20dB across the board.

Why is Studio One loosing 3db? Is there an output trim control that defaults to -3dB? What am I missing?



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answered Jan 11 by PreSonuSupt4 (198,800 points)
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It's the pan law.  If the track is mono the -3 pan law will reduce any signal panned dead center by -3.  Pan it hard left or right or switch it to stereo to see the difference.