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I am getting no main output from my external instruments, i only get main output from internal instruments

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asked Jul 1, 2016 in Studio One 3 by justinbier (320 points)
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Hi all..

Why am i unable to get the main output to produce audio from my external instruments.

I have three external instruments (drum machine, synth... etc..) they are plugged into my Fireface UC and on the sound card mixer I have audio coming from the devices and can hear them outputting to the speakers. Within Studio One 3 "MIXER" I can see the audio coming in but am unable to route the audio of these external instruments to the main output. I have zero audio going to the main mixer. If however i make an internal instrument (e.g My Big Band)  I am able to route the audio to any soundcard output i desire.

In "SONG SETUP" I have "INPUTS" setup from the external instruments.

In "SONG SETUP" I have "OUTPUTS" setup for main

Hope this makes sence ;)

thank you.

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answered Apr 20, 2017 by Jamesrhone1 (200,330 points)
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Once you have the audio connections made from your external device into your audio interface, you will be able to see the signal coming into Studio One. 

To get that signal to route to the mains; Add an Audio Track, assign the input to the inputs the external device is sending audio to.

Arm this track and you will be set. If for some reason you are hearing doubled audio, simply turn off the monitor for that audio track.