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Why doesn't Studio One show my mixer when I am setting up my audio output....

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asked Jan 22, 2016 in Studio One 3 by brianfitts (170 points)
I am using an Allen and Heath ZED14 mixer with USB connection to my iMac. I see signal coming into my iMac but when I go into Studio One to set up audio, it only shows the default choice and when I click on it to find the mixer (which in videos, it shows it will do), it only shows USB CODEC. It doesn't "see" the mixer or give any other choices.....without this being set up, I can't get the audio from my mixer into Studio One. Any help would be appreciated!!! Thanks

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answered Jan 23, 2016 by ghasenbeck (351,860 points)
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This is due to the design of your A&H Zed14.


If you take a look at the manual for your device [page 22]:


You will see that the unit, when connected to your iMac uses the iMac's core audio.

**Please make sure your OSX version is compatible as well. This unit was manufacutered prior to Win8, Win10, OSX 10.8+ and there have been some changes to how audio is handled in these more modern OS versions.

Basically, the ZED allows 2in/2out and works on the USB CODEC; as described in the manual and per it's design. The ZED does not allow for setting up of all 14 channels in and DAW's I/O.