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"Select all related/copied Shared Events" option

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asked Nov 29, 2022 in Editing by januszmordak (1,130 points)

On the MIDI track I have Shared Events, but several versions. They are all marked with a "ghost". But how to mark related events of one type, for example to change their name and color?
If I have 70 Shared Events on drum tracks, in 5 different versions, all have the same color, now there is no chance to find each version among them, to color them and rename each version :(
After right-clicking on the Event, there should be an option "Select all related/copied Shared Events" so that you can edit all selected ones. Unless it's an Event that has no other Events associated with it.
StudioOne needs to know which events are related (via Shift+D and the "ghost" icon in the lower left corner of the event), so just program the option to select them all on the TimeLine, please :)

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