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Allow the Selection of Multiple Tracks at Once By Pressing Shift and Using the Select Buttons

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asked Jan 20, 2018 in FaderPort Series Feature Requests by ArrowHead (510 points)
It just seems like common sense, I don't understand why it's not a feature.  As I understand, there is currently no way to select multiple tracks using the Faderport 8.  I can select tracks in my daw by shift clicking, and then the corresponding "select" buttons will illuminate.

Currently if you press "select", or if you press "shift+select", the functionality is identical.  I just makes sense that "select" should select between single tracks, while pressing "shift+select" should select multiple tracks.  No need for the current redundancy, and it's a feature most of us would love for our workflow.

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answered Feb 27, 2018 by Pastorjjo (1,720 points)
I'd prefer to not even have to use shift. Just make it available like on the consoles. If select is pressed then allow it to function...The one and only draw back is that we'd have to remember to deselect, but that's not hard to remember.
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answered Mar 12, 2018 by Pastorjjo (1,720 points)
Some way, after a few hours of working. My Faderport 16 does indeed select multiple tracks, but at random.

I know it’s some kind of bug, and it’s annoying because it happens when I don’t want it to.
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answered May 1, 2018 by ArrowHead (510 points)
pastorjjo,  I have experienced the same thing.  The other night I came up to the studio and turned everything on, and the faderport was actually letting me select multiple tracks just by pressing multiple buttons.  Then it stopped.  I have no idea why it started, or what stopped it.  So clearly the functionality is there, but something is bugged.
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answered Aug 19, 2018 by Daw Stew (12,160 points)
if what you are describing is this, then yes i vote for it.

Hit Select on track 1 on the Faderport 16, hit the Shift key, then hit the Select button on Track 16 and all tracks from 1 to 16 should be selected. If this is the feature you are describing then that would be so useful. Currently with Shift active you have to manually click each Select. I can see why Presonus did it this way as the Faderport does not have a separate Ctrl button so if you wanted say, tracks 1-8, skip track 9 and then select track 10 you would not be able to do this with Shift alone.
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answered Oct 4, 2020 by [email protected] (310 points)
I love Reaper's implementation with Mackie Protocol here:

Selecting one track, and then another selects both.  Double clicking the select button clears all other selection and selects the one track you double clicked.  

So easy to select a bunch of tracks and then adjust all of their volumes.  Then super easy to select just one and tweak pan, etc.