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MCU/HUI Shift+select for multiple track selection + rgb leds to reflect track color. (Fp 8/16)

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asked Jan 30, 2022 in FaderPort 16 by samilaine3 (220 points)
Currently, especially in CUBASE, you can only select 1 track at a time using the "select" button on the fp16. Now I don't know why they haven't implemented this following feature, as it should be a no-brainer.

What I'm suggesting is first of all, pressing select or touching a fader selects a track, pressing select on the same track again DESELECTS the track. Pressing select on a track, then pressing select on another track should select BOTH, not deselect the first one and switch to the second one. Then lastly, holding SHIFT and pressing track 1, then track 16 (or which ever track) should select every track from track 1 to 16.

Then to the  RGB select buttons, which currently for SOME reason are locked to green, instead of reflecting the track color in daw. the tracks are colored for a reason, it's because it makes them easier to see at a glance, especially with the fp NOT autobanking, it would be great to have a visual representation of what track you're on, using the rgb leds on the select buttons.

These same request have been made earlier but seeing as it's been 3 years and nothing has happened, I'm asking again. Can you please make the very expensive piece of hardware more usable?

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