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My processor use jumps from 0.1 % to maximum during short time, and therfore i have crackles.

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asked Jan 21 in Studio One 3 by arzhurbouesseldubourg (130 points)
Hello, I just bought an audiobox pack with the presonus audiobox usb 96, and studio one artist included. I installed all the drivers, and my windows is well updated. Even with only one track, with no plugins, just the raw sound of my guitar, the processor use goes insane for very short moments, when i play a sound with it, or with other instruments. Therefore, I have crackles in my headphones, and also in my records. It is very hassle for me because I can not record a good song with crackles in it. I would be thankful to have an answer so I could fix it. Thanks for comprehension.

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answered Jan 21 by bennyr1 (1,150 points)
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I have same problem. every 7-12 sec the cpu load jump short to 100%  the lucky thing is, i get mostly no sound dropout. I have a soundblaster z and i use windows audio shared. same problem happen when i use realtec onboard sound. can you tell what CPU you have.i have a 1156 board i5 760 4*2.8 ghz.  it happen only that after some minutes without crackle come lots crackles for about 10 sec. then work ok. i think my input device do not sync correct with output device. I use USB ********* UMC 22. when i use a virtual audio cable as dummy input device because i need no audio input mostly, then all work forever ok

If you use for record and playback same device you can use asio and try set latency higher. my device config is not optimal but cubase and reaper work ok with the low latency asio driver and shared sound.

i notice in low latency asio driver when use in s1 it do not open prefs window so i can not choose input and output device. so i use windows output
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answered Feb 8 by karstenvogt (2,870 points)

check out this video:

Use latencymon to identify the problem. Very often it's wifi drivers (if you have wifi or bluetooth try disabling it). And be sure to check your sample buffer size. Too low buffers have very high cpu usage but low latency. Higher buffers have lower cpu usage but higher latency.

Hope this helps a bit.