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Is it correct for Studio One to see "Firestudio" as audio device instead of StudioLive RML?

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asked Jan 27, 2018 in Studio One 3 by patrickburke6 (150 points)
Hi... I just installed Studio One and have my PreSonus StudioLive RML series mixer hooked up to the desktop pc with the Firewire 800 cable. Studio One shows the "Audio Device" as "Firewire Studio". I see other PreSonus devices, but not RML, so I'm guessing this is the correct choice for Studio One.. but I want to be sure... cause it seems like software should show the correct sound device..|
So, is it correct for Studio One to list my brand new StudioLive RML Mixer as "Firewire Studio"?
or should something else be adjusted?
Thanks so much..


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answered Apr 1, 2020 by twheasley (200 points)

In case you haven't found this info already, it looks like the StudioLive does show up as PreSonus Firestudio as an audio device on a Mac. That's the case with my SL, and it looks like this article confirms that: