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Add Middle/Sides Option to Pro EQ

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asked Jan 28 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by neiljordan1 (12,810 points)
retagged May 22 by neiljordan1

Would be great to see a M/S (Middle/Sides) option added to the otherwise excellent Pro EQ, so it could be set to impact just one or other, rather than the whole signal.

Whilst this can be achieved with 2 Mixtools and a Splitter, it'd be much more straightforward and accessible to have it within the EQ itself.

Obviously, it should default to 'All', rather than Middle or Sides, so that there's no impact to existing workflows.

For an example of this already implemented, check out the Waves H-EQ. It can toggle between Stereo and M/S modes.

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answered Feb 28 by sirmonkey (1,790 points)
Makes sense 100% to me. I can't imagine that this would be tough for Presonus to do. Seems like they already do 1000 things way more complex already. But maybe it's not as simple as it would seem.  Or maybe it is.  Anyway, you have my vote on this. I'm surprised that there isn't a lot more clamor for this actually.
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answered Apr 30 by AlexTinsley (696,550 points)
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