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FFT curve in Pro EQ 2 has to be shaded, Solo banding and Dynamic EQ integrated Like fab filter Q3 needed

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asked Aug 3, 2021 in Studio One 5 by adarshchandran (5,440 points)
edited Aug 5, 2021 by adarshchandran
The FFT curve in Pro EQ is a barely visible blue line. A light shade of color within the boundary of the curve like Logic or Fab filter Q3 would make it much more easily visible. Right now using the 12th octave curve works as it is shaded but to pinpoint singular frequencies I end up using other graphical eq plugins.

And Solo banding is almost standardly needed in every graphical EQ plugin. It would be amazing if that and dynamic EQ are introduced to S1

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answered Aug 5, 2021 by Fornicras (2,090 points)
I agree, 12th Octave is not good enough for me to do something clinical. I'd rather something more like Fabfilter Pro-Q3 has.
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answered Sep 27, 2021 by keveszatmri (220 points)
Solo band is much needed. That's something that's integrated even in Pro Tools's stock EQ and literally the only reason I bought FabFilter Pro Q3.